Company Profile

We CADMILE HiTech Services Private Limited. Are based at Dehradun, India, are a global Telecoms and information technology service provider offering technology solutions and managed services in verticals since 2015. Our approach combines professional development and proven project management methodology with optimized cost and performance. With our onsite offshore engagement model, ability to innovate, customize and immaculate IT solutions we strive to maintain an alliance with the client throughout the life cycle of the project.

Vision &Mission


Develop value-added Services by twinning arrangements with reputed institutes and Corporate. To become the best global Training& Consulting Service Provider by imparting Services 4 Designing the Future on latest Technology and methodology with prime focus on the job practical exposure.


‘CADMILE’s mission is to help our clients, develop the highest quality of Telecom & Consulting and economically with world-class solutions at the most affordable prices to them and to make the most of their technology productivity tools, with exceptional, implementation, of Telecom & Consulting services.


Committed – We are highly committed to our relationships, both internal and external. Collaborative – We believe in creating greater value through collaboration and mutual co-operation. Open – We work in an open atmosphere, have an open door policy and are quite open to change & diversification. Ethical – We are transparent and honest in our endeavors. We take pride in handling of our issues with courage & integrity.


95% project delivery compliance w.r.t time lines. Good subject matter and technology expertise. Strong emphasis on quality distribution process/system. Strong operational efficiency. Highly focused leadership with long-term vision. Loyal, hardworking and diverse workforce nurtured with equal emphasis on technical and communication skills. Less than 5% Employee Attrition rate. Flexible workforce through contingent workers for seasonal/cyclical projects. Financial Stability to ensure long-term support.